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Top delicious food in Halong Bay you must try

Cha muc in Halong Bay
It’s a well-known specialty not only to locals but also foreigners in term of deliciousness and nutrition. True to such a name, the dish is made from newly-caught squids which will be manually ground before getting spiced up with pepper, salt, garlic, lard, etc. Its brittle & unforgettable flavor of the sea brings us the best name ever, ‘cha muc’, which is also known as squid paste. You can see more: Indochina travel tours
Cha muc in Halong Bay

Cha muc in Halong Bay

Eat cha muc with Vietnamese steam glutinous rice (Banh cuon) and don’t skip a dip in the sauce made of Vietnamese fermented anchovies (nuoc mam) since it tastes best
After processing, the sausage owns an eye-catching yellow, a slightly crunchy crust, and an addicting smell.
Though not famous like lobster or squid, sea snails still have its own charm among other delicious foods in Halong Bay.
However, unlike its name, the way to make it does not involve any oil or water, but only shredded lime leaves are added onto the dish.

Sa Sung in Halong Bay

Sa Sung in Halong Bay

Drink an icy glass of beer – an absolutely ideal way to help you savor the whole dish. Watch out if they’re soaked in hot water too long, nutritional values can be lost easily. Similar to lobster, the ideal way to enjoy oyster is going with an icy beer mug. Can’t wait? Grab a plate and eat like a local. Plan your travel to Vietnam with us to enjoy delicous food in Halong Bay now
Oyster is properly one of the most famous foods in Halong due to its delicate flavor and high nutritious content. If you want to maintain its beautiful taste, boil or steam it, add some lemongrass to the pot, and then soak the oysters in the pot before taking out when the bubbles rise up. Eat them and then get mesmerized by the fatty snail meat and amazing aroma of herbs.

seafood in Halong Bay

seafood in Halong Bay

Another popular dish made of this mollusk in Halong is Oyster porridge. Feel free to add black pepper if you want it to be a bit of spicy. It’s eaten with roasted onion flakes, herbs, shallots, ground pork, oyster and so on.
In the past, people rarely added horseshoe crab to their list of favorites.
Nowadays, it has become one of the finest native delicacies in Halong Bay cruises. The crab is processed in different dishes, promoting diverse tastes, from sweetness to sourness, which is attractive enough to keep you eating to satiety.

However, the horseshoe crab is known as the “cold” one, so if you’ve got an allergy or cold tummy with seafood, try to eat very little. They’re sold now quite expensive, approximately 150,000 VND per portion.
Quite popular in several Halong restaurants and street stalls, a bowl of seafood rice vermicelli is usually sold at 40,000VND, but giving you a big thrill once tasting it.
It contains crab meat, mantis shrimp, fish balls and fresh veggies, which are all amazingly mixed together.
Halong cuisine comes with great abundance, and there are so many delicious foods in Halong Bay which are not listed yet. If you want to eat good Vietnamese foods, Halong Bay will make your dream come true.

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