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Top delicious food in Halong Bay you must try

Cha muc in Halong Bay

It’s a well-known specialty not only to locals but also foreigners in term of deliciousness and nutrition. True to such a name, the dish is made from newly-caught squids which will be manually ground before getting spiced up with pepper, salt, garlic, lard, etc. Its brittle & unforgettable flavor of the sea brings us the

The charm of Halong beach by night

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay

Famous for its natural stony creations, Halong Bay is an astonishing place of special historical, cultural and scientific interest in Vietnam. With magnificent scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding breathtaking grottoes floating on the sea water, Halong Bay unsurprisingly draws millions of domestic and international travelers every year. The charm of this world natural

Sunset in Halong Bay: A natural masterpiece

The spectacular sunset in Halong

Halong is a well-known name that has deeply come into minds of many visitors to Vietnam. There is no doubt that Halong is regarded as one of the must-visit destinations in the world, a “paradise” and a perfectly natural combination of rugged mountains and clear emerald sea. To some extent, Halong Bay is a huge

Memorable experience with Halong Bay cruise cooking classes

Cooking classes - a more and more favorite travel activity in Vietnam

Featuring myriad of karst islets and spectacularcaves and sparkling emerald waters, the imposing beauty of Halong Bay has lured thousands of travelers and become a top tourist attraction in Vietnam.And going on a cruise vessel or junk is the most stunning way for you to explore Halong Bay. Among so many amazing activities you can

Mat Rong Island (Dragon’s Eye Island) – top island to visit in Halong Bay

Mat Rong Island

Mat Rong Island, whose name in Vietnamese means the dragon’s eye, is situated in the South East of Halong Bay, adjacent to Lan Ha Bay area. Thanks to the impressive beauty of nature created by huge green virgin forests, spectacular long white sandy beaches, majestic mountains surrounding, fresh water lakes, with the highlight being a

Halong Bay- the ideal paradise to take a family tour

The happy moment in Halong Bay

Recognized as a Heritage World Site in 1994, Halong is considered as a pearl of Vietnam and is also a heaven for tourists who want to explore the hidden charm here. Visiting to Halong, especially in summer and you come with your family, Halong is the best choice if you not only want to travel

Life in Co To- a green pearl is among the sea of Vietnam

View from Bai Tu Long Bay

Thanks to its gorgeous beauty endowed by the nature, Co To has recently become an ideal destination for numerous tourists. Located in the farthest island district of Quang Ninh province, Co To is a place with a lot of long stretches of sand and experience many interesting things. Explore with:  Indochina travel Vietnam Tourists will

Halong Bay Honeymoon Cruises

Let’s create a stunning wedding in Halong Bay

Offering a great time out at sea in a graceful setting, many Halong Bay Signature Cruise honeymoon cruises, which are suitable for honeymoon vacation, can satisfy any newly weds having sought after cruising as an intimate and romantic way to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. As heading towards the world heritage islets, sample exquisite cuisine carefully prepared

How to take good trip with Signature Cruise Halong Bay

Let’s have unforgettable experience with Signature Cruise

Signature vessels pull anchor and set sail from Halong Bay for at least part of your amazing floating stay. Free breakfast, a marina and free in-room WiFi are what to expect on this 12-room, 5-star cruise ship. Dining Included with your stay and awaiting you each morning is free full breakfast. This cruise ship is

Wrong things you might know about cruising in Halong Bay

Food on board are diversified and delicious

If you ask anyone who have never experienced a cruise trip before about how they think about the cruise in Halong Bay, you may get some common but possibly wrong answers such as crowded bay, small and simple cabins, limited entertainment and people from different countries and background. Once coming to Halong Bay VSpirit Junk