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The charm of Halong beach by night

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay

Famous for its natural stony creations, Halong Bay is an astonishing place of special historical, cultural and scientific interest in Vietnam. With magnificent scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding breathtaking grottoes floating on the sea water, Halong Bay unsurprisingly draws millions of domestic and international travelers every year. The charm of this world natural

Memorable experience with Halong Bay cruise cooking classes

Cooking classes - a more and more favorite travel activity in Vietnam

Featuring myriad of karst islets and spectacularcaves and sparkling emerald waters, the imposing beauty of Halong Bay has lured thousands of travelers and become a top tourist attraction in Vietnam.And going on a cruise vessel or junk is the most stunning way for you to explore Halong Bay. Among so many amazing activities you can

What to do in September in Halong Bay

Cua Van Floating Village

While temperatures are warm and rainfall is beginning to reduce, going and seeing Cua Van Floating Village, which is a point of interest and a must see, is a great day out to do. Make sure to go and see it while it still inhabited as the local government are trying their best to relocate

Top 5 Delicious Foods In Halong Bay

Horseshoe Crab, a must-try seafood among most famous foods in Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruise has many food wonders to satisfy your desires, from the fresh flavor of the sea to delightful tasty salads prepared in small batches. Eat what you love, or have smarter choices from our top 5 delicious foods in Halong Bay below: Taste & Feel | Famous Foods In Halong Bay Squid Sausage

Experience the evening meal in the Sung Sot cave on Halong Bay

Chefs professionally designed dishes for dinner attenders

If visitors have come to Ha Long, they will know popular activities such as traveling on double-deck cable car across the sea, getting a bird’s eye view by taking a helicopter tour, kayaking on the bay, BBQ party on the sand beach, fishing, climbing on rugged cliffs… But few people know that in Ha Long

Nightlife in Halong Bay is worth getting excited part II

Squid fishing for a sleepless nightlife in Halong Bay

Gambling for an endless nightlife in Halong Bay Visitors land on Halong Bay to expect a tranquil but intricate journey, but looking for some risky moments is not a bad thing at all. What we’re trying to say is ‘Casino’ which can be found in Northern Vietnam, Halong City. For an unforgettable nightlife in Halong

Top 5 Must-Try Dishes in Halong Bay

Sea snails

Whenever visiting any tourist destination in any countries around the world, most travelers spend a considerable amount of time exploring the beautiful landscape and enjoying the delights of food there. Halong bay visitors are not an exception. Indeed! Traveling to Halong bay will bring you various experience from sight-seeing to cuisine enjoyment. No matter how

Cai Bau Pagoda, the cultural and spiritual work in Ha Long, Vietnam

The breathtaking scene of Cai Bau Pagoda near Bai Tu Long Bay

Located on the mountains and overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay with thousands of stunning islets, Cai Bau pagoda (also known as Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery) is a wonderful destination of visitors from all walks of life not only by charming landscape but cozy ambience of the fairy land as well, which makes for a

Virgin Cave Ha Long Bay

Virgin Cave Ha Long Bay

Virgin Cave ( Hang Trinh Nu) shouldn’t be missed to visit while travelers set their feet on Halong Bay, Vietnam. With the association of fanciful love legend, Virgin Cave is considered as the symbol of true love, romantic place for taking oath of love. No words can describe the spectacular beauty of this astonishing grotto without coming

Tam Cung Grotto

Tam Cung Grotto

Located in the center of Halong Bay, 5 kilometers from the Sung Sot Cave to the northeast, Tam Cung Grotto (Three Palaces Cave) is one of the most wonderful caves in Halong. Tam Cung Grotto is situated on the May Den Island – an island which is almost separate from the other islands. On the