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A motorbike ride to Sapa town – an experience to remember

A chance to know more about the locals

If you are brave enough and find it boring to cover the distance of 380 kilometres from Hanoi to the mountainous area of Sapa – one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam by train or coach, a motorbike adventure is such a great way choice. To get more information, you can click: The best Indochina tours

In spite of the less to see along the way compared to Sapa town itself and the dangerous and not to easy to ride roads, especially the road between the Red River valley and Sapa after rain, a riding experience from Hanoi to Sapa will still be an amazing memory to remember.

Reasons to ride a motorbike from Hanoi to Sapa

Keep staying off the beaten path, then you will definitely be rewarded with not only challenging driving but also magnificent landscape and a closer insight into local life and culture.

A chance to admire the impressive setting roadside

Terraced rice field along the way to Sapa

Terraced rice field along the way to Sapa- source: internet

Riding a motorbike from Hanoi to the Northern mountainous area of Sapa, through the two sides flooded with the vast ripe rice terraces fields, river valley, great mountains and breathtaking passes cutting through clouds, to admire a real and truly beauty of Vietnam, you will get an absolutely new experience that cannot be found in the normal tours or these packaged ones.

A chance to know more about the locals

A chance to know more about the locals- source: internet

Besides these famous tourist attractions such as: the roof of Indochina – the Fansipan peak, Heaven’s Gate (peak O Quy Ho pass), Ham Rong mountain, old stone church built in the French time, Bac Ha market, Sapa market, Sapa museum, abbey ruins, Muong Hoa valley – ancient rock field, Fairy Caves, Cat Cat, Ta Phin villages and Hoang Yen Chao castle, etc. a motorbike also takes those who want to hide away from crowds and are interested in discovering new places to where not many tourists have ever visited. In these less-known spots, these remote village of Nam Cang and Thanh Kim, you will meet a totally different Sapa – a Sapa with the peaceful natural beauty of northwestern mountains, which take you far away from the hustle and bustle in town. mekong delta cruise

Revel yourself in colorful and vivid life of Sapa’s indigenous people

Grilled food in Sapa

Grilled food in Sapa- source: internet

Besides a valuable opportunity to sightsee the postcard-like landscape of mountainous area with these high terraced paddy fields, motorcyclists can also drop in some villages of ethnic people to observe the original, authentic and really warm-hearted local people in their daily life. In some isolated places, where the existence of modern devices cannot be found, you will not spend too much time on Facebook or Instagram but talking with locals, knowing more about their simple life or even sharing with them your own stories.

A motorcycle tour is such a quick way to sample as many Vietnamese foods as possible in such a short time. From high-end restaurants to street food stalls to a meal with locals in their home, motorcyclists and culinary experts can enjoy a wide range of fresh and mouthwatering dishes. Some dishes featuring the flavor of the Northwestern region that you should not miss are Com lam (Sticky rice cooked in bamboo); thang co; grilled skewers; seven-color sticky rice; salmon hot pot; smoked meat; Pig steal armpit; black-bone silky fowl; chayote and chayote leaves, Sapa black chicken; etc.

Thing to remember

Helmet and driving license are for your safety

Helmet and driving license are for your safety- source: internet

It is fun to ride a motorbike in Vietnam where it is the most preferred means of transportation, however, following the rules on the road is the first thing to take into account. Even though international tourists are hardly stopped for license check, you need a driver license to ride a motorbike not for the principle but for your safety. In addition, all motor-users need helmets for their own safety. If your riding skills are not excellent, don’t dare to ride on your own, sitting on the back of a motorbike is also an experience not less interesting.

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