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Highlight of 12 colourful flower seasons in Vietnam

Red Phuong and high school girls in Hanoi
May is the first month of summer, the special season for almost all students in the world. Vietnamese ones are no exception. In this S-shaped country, when the crickets sing in the tree, many cities are covered by a blanket of red, yellow and purple. Let’s me take you a short tour around many main cities in this wonderful nation. To get more information, you can click: cruise on mekong river
Red_phuong flower

Red Phuong and high school girls in Hanoi

Red Phuong and high school girls in Hanoi- source: internet

In marketing language, Hoa Phuong is a signature brand of summer company. Whenever these “burning” petals fall on the road, many people will remember their high school time, the most innocent and memorable period in many people’s lives. It is also a milestone in our life journey, as it marks the time when we are no longer carefree kids, but responsible citizens, who have to not only take care of themselves but also look after their beloved ones. Many friends ,who used to be very close, after the graduation ceremony can only meet each other once a year. Some could not keep in touch with their classmates because of the differences in social status, financial conditions or living environments. Therefore though technology has developed significantly with many social network websites or communication applications such as Facebook, Viber, Zalo; that moment is special, which makes many people cry. I remember seeing my friends crying their heart out in our graduation ceremony. Therefore, up until now, in spite of the fact that 10 years has passed, the red colour of hoa phuong is still burning in my head.

Purple_Hoa bang lang

Purple Bang Lang

Purple Bang Lang- source: internet

Hoa bang lang is a speciality of Hanoi. If you can find the red Hoa Phuong in many parts of this S-shaped country like Hue, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh city, Can Tho; Bang lang is mostly grown in the North. Recently it has invaded the South, but personally I do not find anywhere else except Hanoi pursuing the wonderful tangible violet. Indochina travel reviews

If Hoa Phuong is represented for something vivid, dynamic, the young, tear and flame; Hoa Bang Lang is more gentle and close. In fashion world, you can see Hoa Phuong as a girl dressing to kill, Hoa Bang Lang is more like a next door girl wearing vintage shirt. Though she can be less outstanding, we cannot deny her attractiveness. In some provinces, Hoa Bang Lang earns more popularity than Hoa Phuong, thanks to its memorable light purple.

Thanks to a Bang Lang tree near my old house in Cua Bang, I have found that the colour of this flower have changed according to weather. While there are some dark purple petals in sunny spells, some rains even torrential ones or just a drop of rain can dye the petal to lighter tone.

I and my childhood friends in our old neighborhood used to walk shoulder to shoulder, picking up some petals and making our own fashion albums. I thought these designs were so timeless and classic. My dream to be a fashion icon has casted off, as my life journey required me to earn a good living before chasing any rainbows. I hope that one day, Hoa Bang Lang can appear as one of the most well known designer labels in Vietnam, helping other girls pursue their happiness by doing what they love.

Yellow_Hoa Diep

Yellow Hoa Diep

Yellow Hoa Diep- source: internet

Hoa Diep is not native to The North, it is more a Southern child, with bright yellow and greenish leaves.

Though Hanoi is not its hometown, people there are quite fond of her. They have planted this tree in many roads in the capital. Actually it is quite wonderful idea as it makes the city more colourful and attractive.

In my mid twenties, I joined the staff of a language school. The pay was not brilliant though I could make a living. One day, under a considerable pressure, I took a walk under these trees. The yellow colour helped me have a change of heart. I felt I needed to get my priorities right and I handed in my resignation and moved to my hometown. I never regret that decision, so until now, I always feel grateful whenever I see this bright colour.

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