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Explore the street food world in Hanoi

Vietnamese sandwich
6 years ago, I felt in love with this city immediately in the first time I set my foots and it holds all my heart. It has been many years until now, but I never get bored with its constantly changing, adapting, shifting and exciting cuisine. A cuisine that like the locals living here, never stand still. To get more information, you can click: Travel Indochina and tours

The variety kind of street foods in Hanoi

The variety kind of street foods in Hanoi- source: internet

There are many different lifestyles in a day. Someone has to rush to work or go to school. Someone just wants to sit down and relax with a nice cup of coffee. Food is the same. There are times to taste a nice bowl of traditional Vietnamese noodles, rice or rolls in the morning and maybe a steak for dinner. Visiting Hanoi, if you spend a whole day to find out more about Hanoi street food, one of the things you will notice is how the food scene changes from the hour to the next, just looks like the traffic here. From generation to generation, the traditional breakfast habit is slowly changing.

The best choice for you in the late afternoon

The best choice for you in the late afternoon- source: internet

Kids are rushing to get to school, young adults are rushing to get to work and the parents are rushing to get what they think is the most important meal of a day-breakfast into the kid’s stomach before getting them to school. Because of the modernity of life nowadays, parents tend to feed their kids the breakfast from some shops around the school. Breakfast items are so very rich, from sticky rice to steam rice crackers or popcorn or bread. Passing a small corner in Hanoi, where people are serving breakfast, you have to spout that: What a really nice food paradise! mekong river cruise reviews

Vietnamese sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich -source: internet

In the middle of a noisy, dense and busy city, let’s find a peaceful place for yourself with a dish popular with both children and the elderly- pork rib porridge. Especially when the weather is getting cooler, it’s going to really warm you up if you get a small bowl of pork rib porridge in the late afternoon. For youngsters and office people, clam rice porridge is also another choice in the break time. The shellfish is highly nutritious full of vitamins. Many Vietnamese people believe that it can help their health and it’s particularly beneficial for kids. Vietnam has rich abundance of herbs and people always know how to use it effectively even in some simply dishes as above.

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