The charm of Halong beach by night | Halong Bay Airport

The charm of Halong beach by night

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay

Famous for its natural stony creations, Halong Bay is an astonishing place of special historical, cultural and scientific interest in Vietnam. With magnificent scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding breathtaking grottoes floating on the sea water, Halong Bay unsurprisingly draws millions of domestic and international travelers every year. The charm of this world natural heritage not only is vivid in daylight but also reveals its best when the night falls. To get more information, you can click: Halong bay Treasure Junk

Why is an overnight cruise a great choice?

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay- source: internet

Halong Bay in daylight is great but Halong Bay by night is mesmerizing. Nothing can be much more relaxing than comfortably lying on the cruise sundeck when your boat is passing by postcard-like landscapes, feeling your skin warmed by the sun and the songs of the sea waves sing you to sleep. If you want to be impressed by the Halong beach by night, nothing can compare with an overnight cruise for a stellar experience on the water. Even though a Junk voyage sailing through all the spectacular wonders of Halong Bay may differ from a few hours floating to a few days on board, an overnight experience must be the most outclass and wonderful. Therefore, you should not miss to try a moonlight night on board a Halong Bay cruise at least once in your lifetime.

Halong beach by night – exceptional scenery to admire

Halong beach by night

Halong beach by night- source: internet

No matter what kinds of cruise you are on: from traditional junk, budget cruise, deluxe cruise to luxury cruise, you will be treated with the jaw-dropping scenery of Halong beach by night.

An amazing sunset happy hour, when you can see the sky changing its colors and the bright orange sun dipping behind the darkening islands, is what you cannot expect at a day trip. This spectacular display on a night cruise will help you recharge your energy after a full day’s activities in Halong Bay. Jasmine cruise halong bay

When the night falls, the beauty of Halong Bay reveals its magical beauty in the truest sense of the world. It is when you can get a different perspective of the limestone formations and the steep karst outcrops of the bay. Their figures under the moonlight trigger your curiosity and imagination.

Alternative things to do at night on Halong Bay cruise?

Once the sun has gone down and dinner has been served, under the lights of the other junk boats, you will enjoy entertainment in the form of questionable karaoke, BBQ party on beach or squid fishing.

BBQ party on beach

BBQ party on beach

BBQ party on beach- source: internet

A sophisticated moment in your cruise with starlight should be a private seafood barbecue on an unspoilt beach. A BBQ party is your time to listen to the sweet melody of birds, waves and winds, with a glass of wine and a succulent, grilled seafood party ready to be enjoyed. Such a perfect, dreamy ambience for a delicious dinner, a once in a life time experience! Ba Trai Dao Beach (Three Peaches Beach), Soi Sim Beach, etc are famous beaches in Halong Bay where you can enjoy well-prepared BBQ party.

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing- source: internet

An effective way to release your energy after having a BBQ party on Ba Trai Dao beach or a delectable dinner onboard? Look no further than night squid fishing, which draws the attention of people all over the world for the feeling of dropping net like local fishermen in Halong Bay. When the weather permits, those who want to take part in one of the most engaging activities in Halong Bay, will be provided fishing gears like a rod and line as well as a net. In spite of ubiquitous across the bay, squids are not really easy to be caught. One thing you need to provide for yourself is patient – the key of the success of those who can catch 15 – 20 squids per night.

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